F Gas

The European F-Gas Regulation (No.842/2006)

Do you comply?

The European F-Gas Regulation requirements came into force on the 4th July 2007.

F-gases include all HFC refrigerants, such as R134a, R23, R32, R125, R143a and HFC blends such as R401(A,B,C)R402(A,B)R403A, R403B, R404A, R407(A,B,C,D) R408A, R410A, R411B, R413A, R416A, R417A & R422A, R423A, R507 & R508.) Trade names are sometimes added to the R number.

HCFC’s such as R22 are not covered by this regulation.

Who does it affect?

Air conditioning & refrigeration equipment users in Shops, Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.

How does it affect you?

You will need to maintain records of all refrigerants in equipment with a charge of 3kg or more (if hermetically sealed 6kg or more) and you must keep detailed service records for equipment containing a charge of 30kg or more.

Most split systems and air conditioning water chillers will be above the 3Kg limit.

Individual records must be kept for each machine indicating the quantity and type of refrigerant in use and also records of any refrigerants added or recovered during servicing and maintenance and at the point of disposal.

You must also record the company or technician who performed any maintenance or servicing, as well as the dates and results of leakage checks etc.

Also the records must specifically identify, stationary equipment containing 30Kg or more of refrigerant.

All of these records must be made available on request to the competent authority or to the commission.

If you operate stationary refrigeration or air conditioning systems, you must prevent leakage using all measures that are technically feasible and repair any leaks as soon as possible.

Installations with more than 300Kg of refrigerant must be fitted with a leak detection system and this system must be checked at least once a year to ensure that it functions properly.

There are now minimum requirements for training and certification of companies and personnel involved in the installation, maintenance, servicing, containment & recovery activities.

You must ensure that only certified competent personnel with a suitable refrigerant handling qualification carry out leakage checks, gas recovery or other refrigerant handling activities, such as installation and maintenance.

Failure to comply with your obligations under the F-gas & TM44 Energy assessment regulations will result in penalties.

Aircon services is ideally placed to audit your existing installations and maintain the records and equipment to ensure that you conform to the current legislation.

We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in finding out more about our services and how we can assist you.

Did you know ?

You have a legal obligation to get an energy assesment done on your air conditioning if you have over 12kW in your building


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